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The Zebra DS2278 2D barcode imager provides the freedom to move about the point of sale station with the added benefit of powerful 2D scanning.

As technology and connectivity are advancing, everyday retailers are finding the need to move faster at the check out lines while also being able to scan new style 2D barcodes. The DS2278 imager is just the tool needed for this job. While boasting a 10,000 scan battery charge, this device is also capable of capturing 2D barcodes with it`s imager allowing 2D scanning while also providing a speedy capture of the barcode as it does not need to be lined up with a scan line as older model laser scanners do. Being able to pass the code through the scan field speeds up the check out process immensely.

Zebra offers a 36 month warranty on the scanner and cradle and a 12 month warranty on the battery. All Zebra products can be further covered with additional purchasable service plans available soon in the accessory section below.

Scan-to-Connect technology pairs the cordless DS2278 with any Bluetooth-enabled PC, Tablet or Smart Phone
PRZM`s Algorithms first-time, every-time scanning
Wide Scanning Range (0.5 in./1.23 cm to 14.5 in./36.8 cm)
2D Imager allows for "no line up" scans
Auto Switch to Handsfree Mode When Put Into the Stand
2400 mAh Lithium Ion Battery Fully Charges in 1 Hour
Presentation Cradle Fully Charges Scanner in 4 Hours
Options vary from scanner only to full kit that includes presentation cradle, please read option description for specific details.

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