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Keyboard Features

– 8 unique red game keycap, gathered the game style of personality design.
– More than 10 million times the key life, triggering sensitive, rapid rebound, feel comfortable.
– Character lase engraving, durable, anti-wear, never fade.
– The bottom of the keyboard with splash water hole design, to prevent accidental water, will help quickly discharge into the keyboard into the liquid.
– Double spring plus balance rod, the use of more stable, more durable, not easy to fall off, full stretch.

Mouse features

– Surface leather texture design, allowing players in the battle can be non-slip, sweat feel more comfortable.
– Ergonomic modeling, from modeling to the core, every detail of the game-level to create the ultimate standard of the ultimate feel.
– Up to 1600DPI game level optical engine, so that your game fighting strength becomes more powerful moment.
– Two way anti skid wheel, the middle with a non slip texture, more convenient when viewing the page more agile operation.
– Double line in the violance can also ensure that the mouse will not fall off the mouse more durable.

System Requirements

– Windows XP Home edition or professional edition
– Windows 7 professional or Ultimate
– Windows 8

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