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Verbatim`s Compact Charger is designed for charging both AA and AAA size NiMH batteries. With each rechargeable battery being the equivalent of 500-1000 alkaline batteries, this eco-friendly charger is a great cost saver.

For optimum performance, keep the charger plugged in for instant energy. The green LED indicators will remain on during charging and will switch off only when the charger is unplugged or the batteries are removed.

Simply plug directly into a power source and insert your batteries. It can fully recharge batteries in as little as 7 hours. For brand new batteries, 2 to 3 times of charging and usage cycles are required to optimize the batteries` performance.

Verbatim 24 Month Manufacturer`s Warranty.

Eco- friendly compact battery charger.
Charges both AA and AAA size NiMH Batteries.
Fully recharge batteries in as little as 7 hours.

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