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Time theft is a global problem. From 'buddy clocking' to absenteeism, poor productivity, keeping track of leave and sick leave. Improve the efficiency and profitability of your business by managing labour resources costeffectively. When you automate this process you eliminate calculation and human error, ensure payroll accuracy and apply company policies fairly and consistently. These biometric fingerprint terminals are particularly suitable for businesses such as retail shops, schools, warehouse, corporate offices, medical offices and clinics, restaurants, hotels, small manufacturers using a signin register or the old paper card mechanical time clock. Each employee can be enrolled on the terminal in under a minute.. The fingerprint is compared with the master template, and the date and time the employee arrives is recorded by the terminal. Managers have accurate, timely reporting of late arrivals, who is absent and who is currently on the premises.. Uniclox Technologies offers easytouse, electronic time tracking solutions suited to South African conditions.

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