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Detection system Passive Infrared
Coverage When horizontal detection
Angle : 90'b0
Detection distance : 40ft (12m)
Horizontal zone : 7 zones
Downward zone : 7 zones
Coverage adjustment
Horizontal : +/90'b0
Detection distance : 10' to 40' (3 to 12m)
(By adjusting vertical angle of downward zone)
Supply voltage 12 to 30V DC (nonpolarity)
Current consumption 35mA MAX.
Alarm output Dry contact relay output N.C./N.O. selectable
Contact capacity : 30V (AC'81'45DC), 0.5A MAX. (Resistive load)
Contact operation : Detection time + off delay
(2sec. 5min. approx.)
Detection settings Daylight : Night (10 lux) Day and Night
Tamper output Dry contact relay output N/C
Contact capacity : 30V (AC/DC), 0.5A MAX. (Resistive load)
Operation LED Red LED
Blinking at warming up (LED disabled)
Lighting at alarm (LED disabled)
Pulse count settings once / three times (with a switch)
Sensitivity adjustment Approx. 30% (L) Approx. 170% (H) (By potentiometer)
Connection Terminals
Ambient temperature 4F to +122F (20C to +50C'a3'a9
Mounting position Indoor / Outdoor
Weight 13.7oz (390g)
Appearance Body : AES resin
Lens : PE resin
Accessories Tapping screw : 2
Area masking sheet : 1

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