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Packed with nifty features such as builtin Bluetooth, advanced interface, and being highly customisable to users' individual sound and display preferences, bringing more enjoyment to every drive.

Improved Graphic Quality
One pixel of a picture image is equalized to one dot of a display, for higherquality picture representation.

Parking Assistance
Backup Camera InputAbility to add a rearfacing camera for assistance with rear visibility. Camera is optional

Manual Time Alignment
By using Time Alignment function, you can adjust speaker output timing, so that sound from all speakers reaches the driver's ears in perfect sync.

Take advantage of a wired USB connection to the receiver. Sound stays clean and clear, file search and access are very quick. Song, artist, time and album displays are userfriendly.

Smartphone Connect
USB Audio and video
Color Customization
Steering Wheel Control Ready

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