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DC SIZE 5.5*2.5

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Input: 100240V 5060HZ
Output: 20V 3.25A
Power: 65W
Interface: 7.95.0mm
Properties: new and original
Applicable models:
for IBM series:X60 X60s X60t X60 Tablet
TX61 X61s X61t X61 Tablet
X200 X200s X200Si X200tX200 Tablet
X201 X201iX201i Tablet X201 Tablet X201s X201t
X220 X220iX220i Tablet X220 Tablet X220it X220t
X230 X230i X230tX230 Tablet X230i Tablet X230it
X300 X301 W300
SL300 SL400 SL410 SL410k T60 T61 Z60 Z61t R60 R61 R400
ThinkPad Eage series:E120 E125 E330 E10 E13 E130
3000:series V100 V200 C100
ThiinkPad series:S220 E120 E125
E220S E10 E30 E31 E320 E325 E330
X100e X120e X121e X130e
Description:package with a High quality power cable ,

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Dimensions 45 × 111 × 185 mm