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– Jasco J-Net rack and tower uninterruptible power supply (UPS) system used advanced true online double conversation technology to keep critical system operating during blackouts, brownouts and electrical failure. The UPS designed to allow it to be installed horizontally or vertically, allowing for flexible space location.

1. Main Mode : Utility indicator and inverter indicator will light ; the number of lighted load percentage indicator will change according to the connected load capacity.

2. Battery Mode : Battery indicator and inverter indicator will light. If the connected utility is abnormal the utility indicator will flash at the same time. The number of battery capacity percentage indicator will change according to the battery capacity.

3. Bypass Mode : Running in bypass mode, the utility indicator and bypass indicator will light, the number of lighten load capacity indicator will change according to the connected load capacity, The buzzer beeps once every 2 minutes.

4. Abnormal Mode : The UPS is running in abnormal mode when the malfunction indicator lights.

5. Internet Communication : This series UPS equip with intelligent slot. Webpower card is optional, which can realize remote monitor. RS232 provides computer communication interface to monitor input power and UPS even controls the UPS.

Communication Interface Explanation
1) RS232 or USB port on the rear panel is an interface for serial communication between the computer and UPS.
The transmission and data format of RS232 include:

Band rate : 2400 bps
Length of character : 8 bits
Stop bit : 1 bit
Parity bit : None

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