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32 readings memory recall.
Onebutton measurement.
No measurement after 15s automatically closes the screen.
Convenient and fast to measure temperature, results turn out in 1 second.
Fever reminder function, you can freely set the temperature value of the fever reminder.
One machine for two, Celsius and Fahrenheit switching, object and body temperature measurement switching.
Electronic infrared body temperature measurement, high accuracy, suitable for infants, children, adults.

Size: 1904040mm (Approx.)
Measurement range: 32.0~ 42.5'b0C
Measurement interval: 6 seconds
Power by: 21.5V AAA batteries(not included)
Measurement distance: Touch measurement
Measurement accuracy: 35.0'b0C and 42.0'b0C : 'b10.3 ?, 35.0~ 42.0'b0C : 'b10.2 ?

Operation Method:
Put in 2 AAA batteries
Click "SCAN" to boot
The default mode in the poweron state is to measure the human body. Click "MODE" once to switch to the measuring object temperature mode.
Align the forehead or ear, the distance is about 35cm, click "SCAN", hear the buzzer sound, that is, the measurement is completed.
Switch between Fahrenheit and Celsius: In the poweron state, long press "MODE" for 2 seconds, the screen will appear "F1", click "+" to adjust to Celsius (degree Celsius), click "" to adjust to Fahrenheit ('b0F), click the "MODE" setting again to complete.
Set the alarm prompt temperature: long press "MODE" for 2 seconds, the screen displays "F1", click "MODE" again, the screen displays "F2", click "+" once to increase 0.1degree Celsius (0.1 'b0F) Alarm temperature, click "" once to lower the 0.1degree Celsius (0.1 'b0F) alarm temperature, the system initial alarm temperature is 38 degree Celsius (100.4 'b0F).
Temperature error setting: long press "MODE" for 2 seconds, the screen will display "F1", click twice again "MODE", the screen will display "F3", click "+" once to increase 0.1degree Celsius (0.1'b0F ) To measure the temperature, click "" once to decrease the temperature by 0.1degree Celsius (0.1 'b0F).
Alarm tone switch setting: long press "MODE" for 2 seconds, the screen displays "F1", click "MODE" three times, the screen displays "F4", click "+" at this time, the alarm sound is ON (ON), click "", the alarm sound is off (OFF)

What's in the box
1 x Thermometer

1 x Instruction manual

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