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Product Overview:
The product uses the theory of intelligent chip designing and time domain reflection measurement to realise the measurement of network length and determine the location of fault point. In the meantime, the product is featured with variable audio line scanning signal as far as 1km, which is adequate to satisfy all kinds of needs for conductor arrangement & line inspection.
The product has such functions as measuring cable length, positioning fault point line, tesstinf line voltage, determining short circuit line. As a result, the product is widely applied in such occassions as Telecommunications, network & Infrastructure cabling.


Line Scanning: √
Line Testing: √
Lighting Flashlight: √
Adjustable Tone: √
LED Display: √
Headset Function: √
Transmission Distance: ≥ 1km
Output Signal Level`a3`ba15Vp-p
Energy Conservation Design: `a1`cc
Adjustable Sensitivity: `a1`cc
low-voltage Detect: `a1`cc
Power Supply: 3 * AA Batteries & 1 * 9v Battery (included)
Package Size: 25.7 * 16.2 * 5cm / 10.1 * 6.4 * 2in
Package Weight: 408g / 14.4oz

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