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Handboss FH-HB021 3 in 1 Pack Super Cleaning Kit

Biological ferment cleanser

Highly active biotin is extracted from natural plants, which features prompt decomposition of greasy dirt and spots
Being environmentally friendly, non-corrosive and coating forming, the cleanser is a updating product to traditional cleanser of LCD.
High-performance pearl wipe

Dust absorption humps like pearls scattered on the surface of the cloth through the unique weaving technique to avoid damage caused to LCD
It is made of fibers with strong lipophilicity to realize rapid absorption when contacting greasy materials and reduce repeated rubs on the LCD
Computer brush

With the computer brush, the user can easily clean spots seemingly immune to clean-up of the screen and keyboard etc.

First wipe out the dust on the surface. In case of stubborn dirt on the surface, then spray the cleanser on the surface (or the wipe) to achieve a sparkling result.

Application scope:

Laptop, LCD, flat panel TV, digital camera, precise instrument, lens, office equipment etc.

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