Product description
Creative SBS A120 SP-SBS-A12R2 Ideal for compact 2.1 channel speaker to personal use which can be enjoyed either powerful sound Entry-level model of the compact 2.1-channel speaker that can be enjoyed either powerful sound Creative A120 is the entry model of the 2.1-channel speaker system and stylish with excellent space-saving. Slim and two speakers equipped with high-performance drivers, ported subwoofer down firing structure, I will deliver the bus sound and deep clear audio that matches the entertainment and games music appreciation. And audio equipment, it can be connected with the volume controller integrated line connecting cable and game consoles PC, You can enjoy a powerful sound immediately by connecting to the portable player. Also, can be performed in your hand also adjust the volume, I can fine-tune easily to your favorite music. Please enjoy the multimedia sound and powerful Creative SBS A120.

Front Speaker 2.5W RMS `d7 2 channel / subwoofer 4W RMS / Frequency response: 50Hz ~ 20kHz
Input terminal line input cable (Rear of the subwoofer): `f63.5mm stereo mini plug
Output terminal satellite speakers `d7 2 output terminal (Rear of the subwoofer): pin plug
Controller: Power switch (Rear of the subwoofer) / volume control (line connection cable)
Package Contents: satellite speakers `d7 2 / subwoofer (power cable) / Remote control integrated line connection cable